Jenna Marbles – drunk hair tutorial

It’s that time of week again. This is that part where I post another fucken video from the most sassiest blonde of them all, miss Jenna Marblesinterwebs entrepreneur, drunken video pioneer, video blog royalty — and all around queen of the blogosphere.

-Jenna-Marbles-jenna-marbles-31267279-612-612Marbles is, as you all probably fucken know by now, some blonde American chick that posts videos on her Vlog every Wednesday.

In this video she explains the difficulty of doing your hair when drunk, which I guess is fucken important to her cos she’s more drunk than sober. Sounds like the kind of chica I want to spent a few days with. Jenna’s great sober, imagine what she’d be like when she’s drunk and babbling more even than usual.

Jenna talks way too much as it is. Not that I’m complaining. At least Jen’s easy on the eyes, that usually helps too…

More Jenna Marbles at her Vlog, her blog and shop.

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