Morfin – Inoculation

FDA Rekotz/Clawhammer


Morfin sound a lot like Death. I mean, really a fucken lot.

“Inoculation” sounds a lot like the bastard offspring of “Spiritual Healing”, “From Beyond”, “The Ten Commandments” and “Cause Of Death”. It kinda begs the question why FDA decided to sign this band when they had Skeletal Remains on the roster already.

Not that I’m complaining.

Morfin fucken rocks, and Odin fucken knows this is the closest we’ll ever come to genuine pure death metal. And that’s what this record fucken is. Pure. Unspoiled. This is death metal, plain and simple. You wouldn’t want to believe how much of a fucken breather it is to hear a band play one style well, and not mingle it with shit it doesn’t fucken need. Holy crap, dudes.

band-morfinOdin knows that death metal has gotten really stupid in the last 15 years, but thanks to bands like Morfin I’m not yet writing this joke of a genre off. And this is from California no less, by a bunch of long-haired Latinos with names like Gonzalez, Hernandez and Romero. I guess there still are good Cali death metal bands next to Embryonic Devourment, Banishment, Sadistic Intent and Skeletal Remains. Who the fuck knew, right?

Oh sure, the artwork is silly, and the album would have been better off with a painting from Ed Repka, Michael Whelan or Dan Seagrave – but considering how good this record is I’m gonna give a fucken pass on the amateuristic artwork.

It even has an instrumental bass solo. For fucken reals.

The vocals have more of that old Pestilence vibe, you know, back when Pestilence was actually still fucken worthwhile. “Malleus Maleficarum” is what the fuck is sounds closest to, vocally. Oh sure, there are the typical first record defects. Some of the songs just take way too fucken long to make their point, and some of the vocals aren’t equally convincing, and sometimes the songs just wander around with no clear idea of where to go – but these are small qualms considering the things this record does right.


Fuck knows death metal gets more fucken retarded and stupid with each year that passes, so I’m fucken thankful to have a band like this. It isn’t doing anything new, but what it does with the genre is at least worthwhile and commendable. “Inoculation” knows what it is and where it came from, which isn’t what you can say about most modern day death metal.

Sign me up for more of this shit. This rocks.

Rate: 7 /

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