Mothermound – The Burden Of Tomorrow

The Burden Of Tomorrow
Hollow Earth Records


Mothermound comes from Slovenia, and are a bunch of longhaired, ugly men that play doom metal.

Apparently a mothermound is a natural earthen formation like a hill or a mountain. So much fucken luck for me thinking it referred to Nina Spruk’s bountiful mounds. Odin knows she’s the kinda bubbly girl you wanna get close to.

Just fucken saying.

Anyway, the wailing grunts remind of Darren White (ex-Anathema, back when they still played fucken doom/death metal) and there are those fucken godawful clean vocals that make that old sad sack of shit Burton C. Bell from Dino’s Cheese Factory sound good.

Dude, shut up.

So yeah, this is a greatly accessible form of slowpaced metal, which closest comparison is Mael Mórdha’s “Manannán” cos this shit is ultimately more uptempo and folky than actual honest-to-Odin doom metal. This shit is actually pretty good. Not amazing, but well above average. I mean, when was the last time a metal band actually used acoustics in a non-fruity way? I know, dudes. That was a long fucken time ago.

Holy shit. So yeah, the press sheet called this “doom/progressive metal” for some reason – but again, press sheets are written by clueless fucken marketing tools. So it’s no surprise that Mothermound is neither doom, nor very progressive in any perceivable way.

Oh yeah, fuck you too, they play some technical riffs here and there, and on the whole the album is on the fucken slow side, but that doesn’t make it doom metal, you shit-for-brains. How I fucken wish these guys would play actual doom, cos the world needs a new Evoken, or a new disEMBOWELMENT.

This is not it.

Holy crap, dudes. I don’t care what you faggots think. This is not doom metal, and it sure as fucken hell isn’t progressive in any fucken shape or form. How many fucken times do I have to repeat this: playing just like every other “progressive” band out there, doesn’t make one progressive – it makes you conformist, and stupid. Fuck you!

Not that I don’t enjoy this record, cos I fucken do. Just don’t try to pull fucken wool over my eyes, you fucken asshats. Do you know what else I enjoy? Anastasia Harris’ ginormous tits. Yeah, those mothermounds I enjoy more than this one. Not that I’m complaining. Just saying.

Rate: 7 /

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